20 Questions to Ask Yourself to Uncover Your Purpose

woman-1245840_960_720Most individuals have always struggled to find their purpose as a way of making life meaningful. When people figure out their purpose, they unlock a force within them that makes them unstoppable in a bid to manifest their destiny. Every person’s journey to unlock the deep-seated desire is different, but if you are struggling more than most, here are 20 Questions to Ask Yourself to Uncover Your Purpose:

  1. Rather than asking yourself what your life’s purpose is, you should ask yourself what you can do with the time available to you that is important.
  2. What is it about yourself today that would make your 7-year-old self want to cry?. This will help you get in touch with yourself again.
  3. What is that one activity that makes you forget to eat? More often than not, this is the activity you should focus on.
  4. If you could work anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  5. What makes you forget all the problems around you?
  6. What concerns do you hold close to your heart?
  7. What type of conversations do you have with those closest to you?
  8. What items should you put on your bucket list?
  9. What prospects in life are you willing to struggle for?
  10. In what way can you save the world?- This gives you hope that you can make a difference.
  11. freedom-864533_960_720What lies are you living?
  12. What scares you the most?
  13. If you were financially stable and did not need a paycheck or a salary, what would you do with your free time?
  14. How much time is spent every day or each week doing things that make you unhappy?
  15. What values do you hold dear and which ones do you think are terrible and designed to make your life a living hell?
  16. If you manage to find even the slightest evidence that your fears or your limiting beliefs might actually be actualized, would it stop you from pursuing your mission anyway?
  17. What beats finding and living your mission in life? Is it your current income? Your employment? Your family? The city you live in and are you willing to give up your purpose to have these things?
  18. Do the people you surround yourself with constantly have fears and anxiety regarding your chosen purpose?
  19. What is the worst thing that could happen in your current situation if you wanted to follow your dreams?
  20. If you could start afresh, and live life and your career differently, what is it that you would do differently?