10 Traits of People with High EQ

beautiful-1996283_960_720The process of measuring emotional intelligence is extremely challenging because emotional intelligence is ethereal and intangible. However, Emotional Intelligence (also known as EQ) is pertinent because it explains how and why humans interact with each other, their social behaviors and how they network with each other. Emotional Intelligence refers to people’s ability to identify and control emotions from others, as well as personal feelings. Despite the importance of EQ, its intangible characteristic makes it very hard to measure and hard to improve on the emotional elements that are missing. So if you are like most people trying to figure out their EQ, here are 10 traits of people with high EQ:

  1. If you have a great emotional vocabulary

Everyone experience emotions, but only a select breed of people can identify the emotions as they happen. Unlabeled emotions are often misinterpreted, however, people with high EQs can pinpoint whether they are feeling ‘sad’ or anxious. The more accurate the explanation is, the higher the EQ.

  1. If you like to find out what others are thinking

Emotionally intelligent people are curious to learn new things, including everything and everyone around them. The curiosity is sparked by a deep sense of empathy and willingness to show compassion to other people.

  1. You find it easy to embrace change

Emotionally intelligent people can adapt to situations quickly and actually seek out change as a way to challenge them.

  1. You are sentient of your strengths and weaknesses.

Emotionally intelligent people are aware of the things that they are good at and the things that they are not. They also learn how to use their strengths and weaknesses to their advantage.

  1. You are an excellent judge of character and people in general

Because people with EQ are socially aware, they are exceptional at analyzing people and their intentions.

  1. Offending you is hard.

Highly emotional intelligent people understand who they are, and so it's hard to offend them, especially when they do not agree with your objections.

  1. portrait-photography-657116_960_720You know how to stand up for yourself and others.

Emotional intelligence implies a high ability to exert yourself and control your impulses. As such, highly EQ people are not afraid to say no to themselves or others.

  1. It is easy to forgive yourself

If you can distance yourself from the mistakes you have made, then you are highly self-aware and emotionally intelligent.

  1. You give easily, expecting little

When you are generous and expect nothing in return, this leaves a powerful and emotional impression of people, therefore showing high EQ.

  1. If you are generally positive

Negativity hampers people’s EQ. The more positive you are, the more emotionally stable one is.