“Love is not only something you feel, it is something you do.”

10 Things Women Should Avoid Doing When In a Relationship


Relationships are always a team effort. There is a lot of give and take needed to make relationships work. Do you feel like things are going well in your relationship and you want to make sure that it remains that way forever? Or is your relationship going through a less-than-perfect phase right now and you want answers as to why this is happening and how you can fix it? Have you noticed that your relationships seem to be going in similar patterns and you have no idea why? Well, here are 10 things women should avoid doing when in a relationship. Knowing this can help you pep up your relationship and help avoid any problems in the future.

  1. Taking your partner for granted.

During the initial days of your relationship, there is a tendency to look at everything your partner does and says with rose-tinted glasses. Nothing he says or does can be wrong. As you get used to each other and more familiar with him, you might take him for granted. Keep the relationship fresh by not doing this.

  1. Trying to change his basic personality, core values, hobbies, or interests.

Doing this will instantly make him hostile. Unconditional acceptance of a person and loving him for who he is can take any relationship even deeper than it is.

  1. Not communicating your desires and needs in a respectful way.

Nagging does not count as communication. If you want your partner to know how you feel or you are irritated about something that he does (or doesn’t do) be open to him about it but talk about it the way you would talk to a friend – with respect.

  1. Not giving him space

While you may feel the need to be on the phone with him 24/7, or when you are apart, this could quickly make most people feel suffocated and in need of space (or air!).

  1. Comparing him to others

Never compare your partner to anyone else – your exes, your father, your best friend’s boyfriend/husband, your favorite matinee idol, etc. Try to concentrate on the good that he has and make sure he knows you appreciate him.

  1. Forgiving but not forgetting

If you have had a quarrel but have patched up, then there is no need to bring it up each time you have a disagreement in the future. When you have forgiven him for something, decide that you will not remind him of it time and again.

  1. Hiding things from him

Honesty is crucial in any relationship. While you may think some lies are insignificant, if they are uncovered, it could undermine your partner’s trust in you.

  1. Losing yourself in him

Never lose your identity in a relationship. Continue to spend time with your friends, family, on your hobbies, etc. This makes you even more desirable.

  1. Spying and suspecting him

This could be a deal breaker if he is innocent! Trust is the foundation of any relationship.

  1. Not appreciating him

Try to notice something good about your partner every day, appreciate it, and express it to him.