“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”

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“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

Henry David Thoreau

The fact that you are here right now means that you are seriously seeking for answers to your financial woes just like the others in the same boat.

Perhaps you are confused as to why you are still deprived of plenty up until now despite your efforts…

Or maybe you are tired of any law of attraction techniques that never work as you are still in the rat race…

Truth is, a lot of people are not wealthy and many of them can possibly never be.

Do you know why?

You will get to know the reasons why as you go on with this article.

Did you know that there is a particular way the rich people think?

And if you can think the same way; you will soon be on the success track.

Are you ready to get your answers? Let’s get started!

First off, let me ask you this one important question…

What Does Wealth Really Mean to You?

Have you given any thought about this before?

I mean, why do you want to have more wealth?

What do you believe it will do for you?

These questions might have some obvious answers but it is very important to get to know the ‘why’ if you want to change anything in your life, in this case, your financial situation.

To get to your ‘why’ you need to access your unique wealth inspiration – which will be the foundation for all the changes you want to make. Remember, you can make any change you like in your life and to your mindset if your ‘why’ is big enough. Hence it’s incredibly important to examine your ‘why,’ because this directly impacts how that change will manifest in your life.

On the other hand, the ‘end goal’ for people who want more wealth and financial prosperity in their life might be similar, but their reasons can look very different. You see, wealth does not necessarily mean having a lot of money, as wealth and money are never the same things.

To most people, wealth includes having money, to some, wealth means being able to do what they enjoy doing for a living without caring much about how much money they are earning. Also, wealth might mean having million dollars or properties to others. To some other people, it might also mean not having to work.

That being said, we all have different financial decisions and goals because when we define wealth in our own terms, we will have a clear direction towards achieving that specific goal.

What is your Wealth Reality now?

There is no way you can be where you wanted to be if you never started. This may be because you don’t know where to start or because you are too scared to start.

Today is the best day to begin your journey towards limitless abundance and break through the fear, excuses and the scarcity mindset.

So to get started, you have to know “what you are changing” in order to know how to make a change. The first step is to take a courageous look at your current Wealth Reality and where you are in your wealth vibration.

This step can be emotionally draining to some. This is so because some people hold shame and a sense of powerlessness about their financial situation as they are told so often that their value as people is intrinsically linked to how much money they have. But we know it is a lie.

It is really important to examine what’s happening for you and how your current situation is impacting your current Wealth Reality – both in how it affects your daily life and how you feel emotionally. This can give you a good baseline to start from so you can fine-tune your Wealth Inspiration.

Your Perspective Towards Money

The perspective of people towards money is one of the biggest differences between the rich and the poor.

The poor are worried about their money while the rich think about their money. The wealthy engage in constructive and proactive ways to earn more, spend less and keep more as opposed to the fear of not having enough of the poor.

To have the mindset of the wealthy, you have to know where you are financially. Then, you will be able to think of how to earn more, spend less and keep more of your income.

We all have a repetitive thought with a corresponding neural pathway that affects our emotions and affects our energy and vibration in turn. Our vibration affects everything we touch or engage in deeply.

Our money vibrations are mostly influenced by what we have learned about money from our schools, parents, relatives, religious institutions among others and this wealth vibration will be with us except we find a solution to it. And sadly becomes our mindset.

Having a wealthy mindset isn’t that easy to achieve. You need to surround yourself with people who think rich and of course, immerse your mind into transformational tools that will awaken a positive mindset. 

How Rich People Think?

The way rich people think depends on their mentality. The middle class will tell people to be happy with what they have; this grows fears in them when it comes to making money. Below are some of how rich people think:

  • While average people believe that money is the root of all evil the rich believe that poverty is the root of all evil – The average person has been brainwashed to believe that the rich are lucky or dishonest. This is one of the shame that comes with getting rich in lower-income communities. Although the rich people understand that money doesn’t guarantee happiness; it makes life more enjoyable and easier.
  • While average people think that selfishness is a vice, the rich think about selfishness as a virtue – The rich do things that make them happy and they do not try to pretend to save the world. The poor keep on being poor as they see that as a negative. You are not in the position to help others if you are not taking care of yourself – you can’t give what you don’t have.
  • The mentality of the average people is a lottery type while that of the rich is an action type – While the masses are praying for prosperity and looking for people to help them, the great ones are solving problems. The middle-class people are waiting for the government, their boss, God or their spouse.
  • While the average people are longing for the good old days, the rich are dreaming of the future – The entrepreneurs become rich because they are willing to project their dreams, ideas, and goals and bet on themselves into an unknown future. People who are longing for their good old days often struggle with depression and unhappiness and they rarely get rich.
  • While the rich think about money logically, average people look at money through the eyes of emotion – The rich see what is in money and what it can be used for because they know it is a critical tool that presents diverse opportunities and options. An average person changes into a fear-based thinker whose best financial ambition is to retire comfortably.

10 Of The Best Wealth Advice From Experts 

1) Start as Early as Possible – Bill Gates

The best time for you to start is when you are young. So, if you have seen a lot on the internet on how to become successful, you will have it printed in your mind and you will be working towards all what you can do to make it. Bill Gates started working with computers when he was only 13 years old!

2) Enter in Partnerships – Bill Gates

When you enter into partnerships, you will unlock new opportunities and get the potential to learn from others. Apart from working together, you will learn from other successful entrepreneurs. Bill Gates formed a partnership with people and they made him a ‘sidekick' – he learned a lot through this.

3) Find a Job You’re Satisfied with – Clark Howard

He said, “to get ahead, make sure you are happy with your current job.” If you are in a job you are not satisfied with, shop market. He said, if you have an employer who is being cheap about giving rises, shop yourself in the market and companies that are offering great opportunities right now will find you. You should find a job that will be better for you and your family.

4) Save for Your Future – Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson said, “people need to make saving a priority in their life.” Even if it means saving just a little every month, it will make a lot of difference and keep you on track. Always save for a rainy day no matter how big or small you are earning. At least, keep six months of what you are spending monthly in the bank.

5) Create an Ideal Investment Portfolio – Tony Robbins

There are four principles that successful businessmen need to adhere to – finding investments with asymmetric risk and reward, diversifying your assets, not losing money, and creating a tax-efficient portfolio. Make sure that your portfolio aligns with the above Core Four principles; this will protect you no matter what – said Robins.

6) Make a Plan Always – Chris Hogan

Always think about your financial goals and create a plan to reach those goals. Making a plan is easy but most people ignore it when it comes to their money. Always remember that a dream without a plan is simply a wish.

7) Ask for Better Rates – Nicole Lapin

Nicole Lapin said, “Learn to negotiate.” He said you should always ask for a better rate on anything you want to buy from cable plan to medical bills to phone plans. This is the best way to start making it.

8) Never Lose Money – Warren Buffett

Warren is one of the richest men in the world and he is a brilliant and successful investor. He follows two rules that make him rich which are “Rule No. 1: Never lose money and Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1.”

9) Remember That Wealth Does Not Only Include Money – Tim Ferriss

Tim said, “Time and mobility are two other currencies and the lifestyle value of each dollar you earn is determined by how well you are able to control the other two currencies.”

10) Be Nice to Nerds – Bill Gates

Bill Gates once said that you should be nice to nerds as you may end up working for one. People who you classified as nerds are those who work the hardest, the smartest and be determined to succeed. Do not be horrible to them as there are chances that you may end up working for them.

Wealth Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful tools that help to train your mind to accept changes. It can help to create new vibrational frequencies that will alter the way you experience the world around you. It is very helpful to speak these aloud, but you can repeat them quietly to yourself or inside your mind if you don’t feel comfortable saying them out loud.

Remember that affirmations alone are not enough to create the life you seek! They are a building block towards a whole lifestyle change that includes your mindset.

I am ready and willing to change

I am willing to show myself self-love and self-care

I am ready to examine my life with courage and compassion

I am ready to move out of my current wealth reality

I believe that I can change

I am determined to face my fears

I am a powerful co-creator and ready to learn


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